Sunday, April 4, 2010

My pleasure, my pain - life is a piece of work.

Let’s buy peace. With money we can; without money we can. Take my millions, set me free. Money and women - My pleasure, my pain.

Can one buy peace? Can one buy peace when he has no money in his bank account to back up his peace of mind?

So, you want my money and all women i've ever fucked. Well, I wish you luck. May be that’s the road you need to take, but from all I know it will be quite a trip.

And I can assure you, with $2.7 million cash in my bank, with an opportunity to get inside of each woman had and know their sexual fantasies, along with their marital problems, I am certified to wish you luck.

Let me give you an old man story about the price of money.

For last 20 years I was working very hard on acquiring something that now I would call a peace of mind. Funny enough, if I knew what I know now, I wouldn’t waste a couple of decades of my life, building my multi-million dollar castle, when what I wanted could be bought for a few thousand bucks or less.

Hey, it could even be found for free, but that’s another story all together.

To get wisdom by ourselves, just “get” what the world about, takes about 60-80 years for an average mortal. Some rare ones can get there faster. Some will never get. And some just need a right push.

There are few sources for that push, as I’ve learned:

  1. Life with all its drama, with painful circumstances, traumatic experiences – all events that make us revaluate things
  2. Friends that see how lost, confuse and disoriented we are, and are wise enough to show us a few alternative perspectives on life
  3. Spiritual teachers and counselors