Friday, April 2, 2010

I want a woman, I desire her from the bottom to the top

Don’t you? A woman and right now :)

The bottom line - we are fools…

It hit me one day... It blows my mind to realise how much of a fool we are. My job is to have a head on my shoulders, butt i have one that is not functioning when it gets down to understanding myself in respect to women...

Remember those days when you wake up in the morning and your heart is shrinking… You saw a dream that is both a nightmare and delightful pleasurable reality; one of those dreams when all your repressed memories come as uninvited visitors. And they stay there, they torture you… And they have names.

Mine called Natasha.

Natasha… What a wonderful bitch! A woman that has no sense of morale, no ethical limits… I am a fool.

I had money and a need to be loved. She had youth and an appetite for my money. She found a sweet G-spot in my brain. I’ve found “nothing”.

Natasha doesn’t have an extra brain. She can’t cook; she hardly reads. Funny enough, she is not even super beautiful, rather cute.


Believe it or not, she is not even that great in bed.

But she has one talent, one only. And it’s all she needs.

She can manipulate a man into anything, I still can’t understand how.

And she got me.

She like a hawk; noticed my vulnerability. She saw how broke inside I am, how empty, how lost.

I bet, from the moment she saw me, she could tell me a story of my marriage.

Yes, it was not pretty. Now, wait. It was horrible! How about yours?


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